Your Dog

Your Dog

Because every dog is not your dog we offer customized care. We will create a care plan based on your dog’s sensitivities to medications, anesthetics and vaccines, genetic disease predispositions and cancer risks, gender, breed mix, lifestyle and activities , and your financial comfort. Together we can create a plan for a healthy and happy life.

It's All About Your Dog


We utilize the latest research to customize your pet’s healthcare and innovative diagnostics to detect and treat health concerns as early as possible. This reduces the risk of emergent care events.

Pet health & longevity

Our goal is for you and your pet to enjoy a long and healthy life. This means getting you in front of your veterinarian and talking over any concerns or questions you may have.

Our Goals

Our goal is to give you the time to talk with the doctor and the understanding to decide your pet’s healthcare. We listen to your goals and expectations as well as your financial comfort when caring for your pet.

What Services Do We Offer?



Our “core” vaccine recommendations are Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis and leptospirosis. Lifestyle choices may add additional recommendations for Bordetella, Lyme and Canine Influenza.

The University of California Davis published a study in 2020 with recommendations for 35 different breeds. They found that some dog breeds neutered or spayed earlier in life ( 6-12 months) had more orthopedic and cancer problems later in life. Therefore we encourage you to discuss your dog’s individual health needs in making this decision.

Yes, and we have some helpful tips and know some amazingly talented dog trainers to help you teach your dog a new trick . We also recommend the following helpful tools – the DOGO app, you tube videos and books by Sophia Yin, DVM and information written by Ian Dunbar.

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