There can be a lot going on in your pet’s mouth! Our dental exams begin during your routine wellness appointment. If we see a buildup of tartar, inflamed gingiva, loose or missing teeth, we will recommend scheduling an appointment to anesthetize your pet for a more thorough evaluation, cleaning, polishing and care.

While your cat or dog is anesthetized, we’ll also check for tumors, fistulas, and/or any injury or trauma. Our very own Dr. Moyer has advanced training in dental surgical procedures and loves helping pets regain their oral health and comfort. We often see an energized, happy pet after dental care.

Fun Fact:

The jaw muscles of a dog can exert more pounds per square inch than the teeth can sustain—so choosing toys and what your dog chews is incredibly important!

Just like humans, dental hygiene is paramount for preventing infections and loss of teeth. Our goal is for your pet to have all of their teeth for their entire life. This is best accomplished by starting now. Ask us for a plan for your pet’s dental hygiene!

What Dental Services Do We Offer?

Cleaning & Polishing
Full-mouth Radiographs
Tooth Removal


Removing tartar accumulation is key for healthy teeth. If tartar exists, a dental cleaning is needed. Tartar is the first step in deterioration of the health of the tooth, but can be reversed. Once ligaments holding the tooth to the bone deteriorate, the tooth is ill and that damage cannot be reversed.

Each pet is unique. We will assess the dental health of your pet specifically at each wellness visit and track any changes in your pet’s health chart. Tartar needs to be removed to prevent the irreversible progression of dental disease that can lead to the loss of a tooth or teeth. Typically tartar accumulates faster in smaller mouthed dogs and cats, or on teeth that are not aligned well.

A routine visual exam is done during your pet’s wellness appointment. The degree of tartar accumulation, the health of the gums, and any missing or loose teeth will indicate whether a dental procedure is needed. If the teeth need further assessment, anesthetization of your pet is required to take radiographs and further examination.

The radiographs will tell us the health of the roots, the pulp of the teeth, and if any abscesses are present.

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