Here For The Life of Your Pet

Here For The Life of Your Pet

Five Forks Animal Clinic is a privately owned veterinary practice located in Williamsburg, VA. The staff are here to serve you as a pet owner and for your pet as a trusted medical companion. We work with you to best educate, prevent and treat your cat or dog.

The staff at Five Forks Animal Clinic understands every pet and every relationship is unique. Your relationship is one of a kind and memorable. We believe giving you an opportunity to spend time with their doctor leads to better medicine for your pet.

Five Forks Animal Clinic combines the advancements in veterinary medicine with your knowledge and observation of your personal pet. Collectively we can find and decide on the best care and treatment for your pet.

Your Dog

Every dog communicates …. but does not speak English. Sometimes we need a thorough exam or testing to understand what ails them. Our exam rooms are designed to be as homelike as possible so less of their routine is changed when they need treatment or routine healthcare. They are allowed on the furniture when they visit us.

Your Cat

Your cat is purrfect at home…. But cats don’t always like the carrier OR car rides OR new places OR going to the vet making annual preventive care and exams stressful for both of you. We try to make monitoring your cat’s health as easy and comfortable as possible. For this reason we have designed a “ cats only” club room complete with snacks and soft inviting comfortable blankets. Upon arrival you and your cat can go to the cat room, open the carrier door and explore, climb, relax or purr while we visit and examine your cat.

Our staff cannot wait to be a part of you and your pet’s life, give us a call today!

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