Diagnostics & Screening

In addition to the routine screening of blood and urine we offer a few unique screenings and tests.

Embark + Health

For puppies and young adults we recommend Embark + Health genetic screening. Embark is not only a breed identifier test but it screens for 250 + genetic markers for diseases such as disc disease, bleeding disorders, medication and anesthetic sensitivities, and heart issues plus many more!!

Onco K9

For senior pets we offer a “fluid biopsy”. This Is a blood test that screens and identifies 30 different cancers long before they have advanced enough to be detected with routine blood work or any changes we can detect in their everyday routine.

Fecal PCR Parasite Testing

We utilize a new, innovative screen for intestinal parasites. Instead of hoping to find the parasite’s eggs in the stool as evidence the parasite is present- DNA shed by the parasite is detected. 20 different parasites can be detected with a small sample of your pet’s stool. This is more detection than ever before!!


Our digital radiographs are screened by us, Artificial Intelligence programming, and a board certified radiologist for the most information possible.

Smart Devices For Monitoring

We utilize wireless glucose monitoring to help manage diabetic patients. Additionally, by utilizing smart technology you can restrict who can use the pet door, monitor your pet’s daily water intake, regulate their feeding times and amounts, view your pet’s behavior when not home, and monitor how often they sleep, scratch or exercise.

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