We are here for the life of your pet….and all that entails. Because your pet can’t tell us what’s hurting or where or how it happened, we rely on your observations, a physical exam, diagnostic testing and imaging. As the caregivers of your pet you expect us to use all the experience, knowledge and technology available to give you all the options for treatment and care. We both want them back to their healthy, happy selves again. That is our joy!

Five Forks Animal Clinic Services:

If your pet requires surgery, we’re equipped with the proper staff and technology to handle the job.

Help us help you keep your pet healthy and happy with routine visits and proper exams for their age.

We have a pharmacy on location and online to offer you a large selection of preventatives, medications, and supplements on your schedule.

Let’s keep those pearly whites. . Well, white! We offer full dental exams and dental surgery at our practice.

Plan for whatever health hurdles you and your pet may have to face down the road.

Diagnosing cancer early gives us more options as far as treatments. Early detection can save lives!

We will see your pet the same day you call for those urgent issues that arise unexpectedly.

If you are unable to bring your pet into the clinic, we can schedule a telemedicine appointment.

Our staff cannot wait to be a part of you and your pet’s life!

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