Genetic Testing

Some owners do genetic testing for breeding purposes, while many owners just want to know what they should expect in their pet’s future. Genetic testing gives owners, and veterinarians, a better idea of what needs to be as far as preventative care to limit or eliminate future problems. It’s an incredible tool that we love to utilize!

Breeding & Genetic Testing

Good breeding practices start with healthy and well vetted animals. Five Forks Animal Clinic is experienced with the proper certifications and testing necessary for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy litter, and a well-cared for mama.


We use Embark tests, which not only identify the breed of your pet, but any genetic markers for diseases and behavior problems.

Genetic testing gives us information we might not have otherwise. With many owners adopting their pets, it’s hard to tell what hurdles may lay ahead of your pet. This kind of insight allows us to keep an eye on specific things, while actively working to prevent others.

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